"I can bring clinical trials to you."

– Lori Nesbitt, Pharm.D., MBA
   CEO, Compass Point Research

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I know you have questions about clinical trials. I have the answers.

Who is eligible to conduct clinical trials?
Once upon a time only research hospitals conducted clinical trials. But 25 years ago our company pioneered the practice of bringing them to community-based hospitals and physician groups. So if you fall into one of those categories, there’s a very good chance we can bring these trials to you.


How will clinical trials benefit my medical practice setting?
The three top reasons for engaging in clinical research are physician recruitment and retention, institutional prestige and profits, and most of all the tremendous benefits research provides to humanity.


If we’ve never done clinical research before, how do we get started?
Less than 4% of physicians in America participate in clinical trials. That’s because it’s often viewed as too hard and time consuming. Our company solves that problem by offering a turnkey solution that includes setup, training, trial procurement and ongoing co-management of all clinical and business operations.


Is there a cost to our patients to participate in clinical trials?
Not only is there no cost, but patients are compensated for their time. In addition, your participating providers are financially rewarded, and your organization will share in the overall profits.


Our business is a specialty practice. Are there clinical trials for us?
Absolutely. There are literally thousands of ongoing clinical trials, including many that would apply to you or any other specialized group. In fact, specialists are in high demand.


Why should we consider making Compass Point Research our partner?
Our company has 25 years of experience bringing clinical trials to over 200 hospitals and provider groups. Our services are prioritized to ensure regulatory adherence, implement operational efficiencies and deploy business development strategies for clinical trial procurement and physician engagement.


I’m still listening. What’s the next step?
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