Institutional Review Board Software Application

Recent failures of IRBs to adequately protect research volunteers have been highly publicized. FDA inspections often report failures to maintain adequate minutes of meetings and conflict-of-interest disclosures, failure to follow documented procedures, failure to conduct a proper review of research, failure to ensure that informed-consent documents were appropriately written and failure to document the existence of a quorum at its convened meetings.

In an effort to minimize human error in the conduct human subject research reviews, eIRB was created.  Although fully customizable to each institution′s internal procedures, eIRB ensures OHRP and FDA regulations are integrated into the workflow through a series of quality edits, including a quorum calculator.  In addition, eIRB’s architecture was designed by IRB and clinical research professionals for Investigators, IRB managers and board members.  It’s intuitive reporting style reflects this unique relationship.  

Also, eIRB was developed in an easy to use graphical interface.  Investigators, research coordinators, and administrative staff with basic understanding of the Microsoft Windows desktop environment will quickly become proficient in eIRB.  

Furthermore, eIRB’s built-in document tracker manages batch scanning, indexing, storage, and retrieval of paper documents in electronic form.  This powerful feature eliminates time spent photocopying, distribution, and filing.

Lastly, given that healthcare organizations must seek a balance between financial constraints and physician satisfaction, eIRB, a web-based application, is deployed at a fraction of the cost of typical enterprise-level software.