Educational Programs

Educational Programs for Research Professionals and Training Physicians

Compass Point Research has been educating industry research professionals since 1996.  Because our core business is providing hands-on, real-time research development and clinical trials management, our educational programs are current and relevant.

Training For Clinical Research Professionals

Our comprehensive training modules include  topics critical to understanding the clinical research industry as well as detailed information regarding the roles and responsibilities of the research professionals.   The following modules are currently available in downloadable formats.

  • Introduction to Clinical Research: Ethics, Regulations, and Industry Basics
  • Roles and Responsibilities of Research Coordinator and Research Assistant
  • Informed Consent: The Form and the Process
  • The Regulatory Documentation of Clinical Research

Curriculum Development and Training For Graduate Medical Education Programs

Graduate medical education involves the period of residency training following medical school and prepares physicians for the independent practice of medicine. The Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) develops and enforces standards for the training of medical residents. These requirements are intended to ensure a high standard of graduate medical education while maintaining a proper balance between patient care and learning.

The ACGME supports research as an important component of residency training. In 1994, a new requirement was enacted to establish that ‚Äúprior to the completion of training, each resident must demonstrate acceptable scholarly activity, defined as original research, comprehensive case reports, or review of clinical and research topics. Resident scholarship activity can have important development benefits for the trainee and the institution.  However, many training programs lack the internal expertise and/or resources to formalize and capitalize on required scholarly activity.

Thus, Compass Point Research partners with Graduate Medical Education program directors to develop a customized curriculum and provide on-line and/or live didactic training.   The most most popular major topic headings include:

  • Testing Drugs in Humans
  • Clinical Research: Study Designs
  • Elements of a Clinical Trial Protocol
  • Epidemiology
  • Introduction to Biostatistics
  • Bioethics and Human Advocacy
  • Clinical Trial Implementation
  • Data Management
  • Quality Management and FDA Readiness
  • The Physician/Investigator