Translational Research

Translational Medicine is the emerging view of medical practice and interventional epidemiology, as a natural 21st century progression from Evidence-Based Medicine. It integrates research inputs from the basic sciences, social sciences and political sciences to optimize both patient care and also preventive measures which may extend beyond the provision of healthcare services.

Translational Research describes the underlying basis for Translational Medicine.  It has been characterized as the process which leads from evidence based medicine to sustainable solutions for public health problems. Fulfilling the promise of translational research for improving the health and longevity of the world′s populations depends on developing broad-based teams of scientists and clinicians who are able to focus their efforts to link basic scientific discoveries with the arena of clinical investigation, and translating the results of clinical trials into changes in clinical practice.

However, the safe and effective transfer of new ideas and discoveries into clinical practices can be a burdensome and a difficult undertaking.  This can be especially true for smaller companies and clinical research programs.  Our staff  has the regulatory, scientific and clinical expertise to help sponsors develop relevant protocols and navigate the patient care environment, assuring that regulatory requirements are met in all phases of the study and data is scientifically meaningful to all stakeholders.