Innovative Research Service Delivery Models

Clinical research is an inextricable link between advances in medical research and technology, physician loyalty and quality healthcare delivery.  However, current research efforts are often limited or fragmented, exposing healthcare providers to regulatory and financial risk.  Many healthcare providers have a strong desire to foster research but lack the internal expertise and resources.  Thus, Compass Point Research, under the provider’s brand, offers a full outsourcing or transitional in-sourcing approach for efficient clinical research infrastructure development, integration and management.

The key factors resulting in strategic and operational benefits to our healthcare provider customers are:

  • All Compass Point Research team members have hands-on, front-line research experience. We understand the dynamics and obstacles of our provider partners;
  • Compass Point Research has a tested and unique clinical and translational research development and execution model for national healthcare provider organizations, single hospital systems as well as integrated physician practices;
  • By implementing and managing to proprietary standards and metrics for performance and quality, Compass Point Research has a proven track record for eliminating research subsidies and ensuring the financial viability of the research program.

Transitional In-Sourcing Model

Given that physician stakeholders are often passionate about clinical and translational research, many of our health system partners elect to develop internal competencies.  In response, Compass Point Research offers a Transitional In-Sourcing or Build-Operate-Transition Model. In this framework, Compass Point Research implements the necessary infrastructure, operates the research program for a period of time and then transitions the expertise to organization.

Clinical Trials Outsourcing Model

Compass Point Research’s unique outsourcing model offers the best of both virtual and onsite delivery models leveraging experience, knowledge and technology. A high percentage of the administrative and non-clinical activities, such as trial procurement, clinical trial budgeting, contract management and financial software customization are completed virtually to take advantage of cost efficiencies and our national database of trial opportunities. Meanwhile clinical trial coordination, project management, quality oversight, physician engagement and operational performance reporting are coordinated on-site.