Who We Are

Compass Point Research is a full-service clinical and translational research management and consulting firm.

Healthcare Providers

For over 15 years, Compass Point Research has provided turn-key infrastructure development, strategy and management to facilitate all aspects of clinical trials operations for community based healthcare providers. Specifically, we provide: (1) a relevant pipeline of clinical trials within key therapeutic areas; (2) regulatory expertise and auditing; (3) physician Investigator recruitment and training; (4) increased ancillary service utilization; (5) clinical research coordinator training; (6) site operations management to include resource allocation to drive economies of scale (7) physician portfolio development for sponsor promotion; (8) support with external grant funding; (9) technology solutions for financial management of clinical trials; and (10) Institutional Review Board (IRB) services.

Given the current economic environment, we have been able to assist providers with not only eliminating a subsidy for research, but actually realizing a net profit for the department or cost center while adhering to all governing regulations and internal standard operating procedures.

Research Sponsors

Capitalizing on Compass Point Research’s experience in industry sponsored research, we provide full service clinical trials navigation to pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device and consumer products companies. Our industry professionals facilitate drug, device, nutritional supplement and consumer product development from discovery through clinical studies and post-approval support, when applicable. In addition, we develop and coordinate multi-center outcomes and registry trials for industry sponsors, healthcare providers and payers, delivering scientifically rigorous research outcomes in an affordable environment.