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Top 5 Reasons Why Healthcare Providers Partner with Compass Point Research

  • To Improve Physician Engagement
  • To Ensure Regulatory Compliance
  • To Develop Commercial Revenue Stream
  • To Support Research Education and Evidenced Based Care Practices
  • To Enhance Brand Image

Compass Point Research has over 15 years experience in facilitating the following types of clinical research:

  • Industry Funded Phase I-IV Clinical Trials
  • Comparative Effectiveness Research/Outcomes Research
  • Investigator Initiated Clinical Trials
  • NCI Sponsored Cooperative Group Clinical Trials
  • Technology Incubator and Translational Research
  • Clinical Registry and Outcomes Data Coordination

Product Development Clinical Trials Expressway

Innovation is often personal and is inspired by a deep commitment to provide hope and improve care for specific conditions. However, necessary safeguards required for regulatory approvals can be cost prohibitive. Compass Point Research provides affordable, scientifically rigorous solutions for niche innovators.